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Fire Leadership Challenge Has it All
Oct 22 – 25 in Keystone, CO

Check out this short video for an inside look at the relationship building, information gathering and skill building that makes Fire Leadership such a great event.

The Education Program is available and Registration is filling up.  For 2019, Fire Leadership Challenge will be offering CHIEFS I and COLS I.  Don’t miss out on finishing your certification.  We’ll see you Oct. 22-25, 2019 in Keystone, CO

Just added! Incident Safety Officer 2-Day Academy – The ISO Academy includes situational exercises and scenario practice. The Academy is ideal for seasoned fire officers and aspiring fire officers. Add it to your FLC registration for more takeaways and education.

News & Information

New Report is a Must Read for CO Fire Service Leaders
“The report from Building a Better Colorado is a must read for all of Colorado’s fire service leaders. This report impacts all fire departments: municipal, fire district and volunteer; urban, suburban and rural. The report identifies the “temperature of the water” concerning potential statewide changes to Gallagher, TABOR and Amendment 23,” said Chief Tom Demint, CSFC President.
In 2019, Building a Better Colorado (BBCO) expanded its second statewide conversation to 37 communities and explored opportunities for improving Colorado’s fiscal policy to support our Colorado way of life. Specifically, BBCO focused on Colorado’s three fiscal constitutional amendments: the Gallagher Amendment (1982), the TABOR Amendment (1992) and Amendment
23 (2000).

Governor Polis Wildfire Briefing 

Good Morning Governor Polis,

I am Chief Tom DeMint, representing the leadership of the more than 375 fire departments in Colorado….urban, suburban and rural.  These fire departments have about 14,000 firefighters in Colorado…. career, combination and volunteers.  These fire fighters protect the state’s economy, the state’s natural resources, the state’s critical infrastructure and our citizens and visitors.

While there is considerable discussion and appropriate concern about wildland fires, CSFC is even more concerned about the fires in the wildland-urban interface (WUI fires).  WUI fires are the most concerning since they immediately involve structures and human lives.

Colorado’s municipal fire departments, fire authorities and fire protection districts are the first line of defense in keeping small fires small. Well dispersed, well trained firefighters are our best defense.  The local fire departments are the state’s initial response plan….for both WUI and wildland fires.

We have three items for you this morning:

  • Gallagher
  • Fire Commission
  • Mental Wellness of Firefighters

What is our ask of you today?

Three things:

  • Find a long-term solution to the negative Gallagher/TABOR negative synergy and specifically the negative impact on fire protection districts
  • Quickly implement the new Fire Commission
  • Help us address the mental wellness of firefighters by supporting legislation to include mental wellness into the existing Heart & Cancer Trust

To read the full statement to Governor Polis, click here.

Photo above (Lt. Governor Dianne Primavera, Governor Jared Polis and Chief Tom DeMint).  Also representing CSFC was Chief Brita Horn, CSFC Treasurer, Chief TJ Steck, CSFC Combination Section, Chief John Bennett, Telluride FPD and Chief Ken Gabrielson, Hudson Fire FPD



The Colorado State Fire Chiefs provides leadership, education, and support to the Chief Officers of Colorado fire departments in order to promote the protection of life and property from fire, natural, and man-made disasters, and other sudden emergencies. Colorado State Fire Chiefs seeks primarily to further cooperation among Colorado’s fire and emergency services agencies; to provide fire and emergency services training and education to fire chiefs, officers, firefighters, and EMS personnel; and to promote life safety and public education in the areas of fire suppression, fire prevention, EMS, hazardous materials, emergency rescue, and all-hazards emergency management.

The CSFC is a Colorado nonprofit corporation and a registered federal 501(c)(3) organization.


The vision of the CSFC is to assist chief fire officers across the State of Colorado in their efforts to protect all of Colorado’s life and property from fire and other disasters. It is a dynamic organization, characterized by integrity, innovation, community focus, and proactive leadership. CSFC strives to build strategic alliances, mentor aspiring leaders, and advance the safety of all Colorado communities by supporting the professional development of the fire and emergency services industry through training and continuing education.

Community Action

Colorado State Fire Chiefs is committed to helping all of Colorado’s fire and emergency services providers support and serve their communities.  Some of CSFC’s past and present projects include:

  • Supporting public safety education events such as Annual West Metro Fire Rescue Family Fire Muster to help families learn about fire and life safety, and how to prepare for all types of emergencies
  • Offering “classified” listings on the CSFC webpage to assist Colorado’s local fire and emergency service agencies to raise revenue and preserve taxpayer funds through the sale and purchase of used equipment and apparatus.
  • Supporting the Colorado’s special district elected officials and administrators regarding successful fire and emergency services management, and to facilitate coordination and communication between various branches of local government.

Executive Board

The Board of Directors of the Colorado Fire Chiefs’ manages the routine affairs of the Association and acts on behalf of the Association when the general membership is unable to meet. The Board of Directors consists of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Regional Representatives, and Section Representatives (one representative for each of the sections created by the Constitution and Bylaws).

Tom DeMint
Poudre Fire Authority

Tom DeMint

CSFC President
David DelVecchio
Canon City Area Fire Protection District

CSFC Vice President
Brita Horn
Rock Creek Volunteer Fire Department

CSFC Treasurer
Kristy Olme
Northwest Fire Protection District

CSFC Secretary
Don Lombardi
West Metro Fire Rescue


CSFC Past President
Garry Briese
Colorado State Fire Chiefs
Executive Director


The CSFC is a Colorado nonprofit corporation and a registered federal 501(c)(3) organization.