Company Officers

Are you a Company Officer looking to grow your leadership skills? If so, this is the place for you!

CSFC is committed to the development of our future leaders. That begins with you. When you get involved with CSFC as a company officer you will make great connections with leaders of all ranks, gain access to valuable resources and you will be the first to know about opportunities such as the Company Officer Leadership Symposium held at Fire Leadership Challenge.

CSFC Membership

You can become a member today! Contact us at [email protected] or ask your chief if your department is already a member. If your department is already a member you can be added to the roster and if not we can easily get you and your department registered.

As a member you'll start receiving our weekly emails packed full of great resources about what's happening in CO and the fire service as a whole. You will instantly be connected to a network of like-minded leaders who work hard to serve their community and better themselves through education. For more details see member benefits. 

COLS at Fire Leadership Challenge

COLS stands for Company Officer Leadership Symposium and was the first of its kind to really focus on officer development. The program is made up of 3 levels starting with those who are new to the role of Company Officer and continuing through to promotion into a Chief Officer role. 

CSFC's annual conference, Fire Leadership Challenge, is one of the few places this course is offered outside of the IAFC. At the end of each level you receive a certificate of completion and when you finish all 3 levels you officially graduate from the program. These milestones are great when demonstrating your skills and commitment during your annual review or when you're up for promotion.