Critical Issues Briefing

April 17, 2019 @ 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Great Wolf Lodge

Join us at the Great Wolf Lodge in Colorado Springs for the next Colorado Critical Issues Briefing.  Topics will include:

  • Why are Fire Deaths in Homes Worse Now than 30 Years Ago?
  • If You Think Gallagher/TABOR is Bad, Just Look at Energy Dependent Fire Departments
  • The Snow is Ending, The Floods are Anticipated, and the Fire Season is Starting.  So What’s New?
  • Fire-Based EMS is Exempted from “Surprise” Out-of-Network Medical Billing Legislation:  What Does this Mean?
  • 3 Weeks to Go in the 2019 General Assembly:  What’s Happened & What’s Still to Happen
  • Are We Appropriately Protecting our Code Enforcement Officers?
  • New Resources for Firefighter Behavioral Health
  • Is Vaping and Nicotine Addition a Firefighter Safety Issue/
  • Community Awareness Program:  A Resource for Colorado’s Fire Service
  • Are Changes Coming for the FPPA

Visit for more details and to register.

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